National Women's History Month

Women’s History Month is a time to highlight the important obstacles women have overcome in history. From rallying for the right to vote, to starting the work towards civil rights, to swearing in our first female Vice President—and all the amazing moments in between.  

Speaking of amazing moments in history, we feel an important one was the creation and continuation of R.Riveter by two incredible female boss babes. In the 10 years of R.Riveter’s existence, Co-Founder Cameron Cruse talks about what has kept her going. She says, After every battle we win as a company there is still a war we fight to inspire, empower and provide opportunity. I’ve come to realize it's deeply rooted in a core desire to be a good person for my family and those around me. R. Riveter has become the vessel and the tool by which I feel I can leave the world a little bit better than how I found it—and that’s surprisingly addictive.”  

 R.Riveter has been built to be not only loved for its product, but even more for the mission it carries to support and create a community for women to feel heard, uplifted, and encouraged in each life stage they are in.  

 When asked what her most rewarding part of running the business for 10 years was, Co-Founder Lisa Bradley replied, “The most rewarding part of being at the helm of this business for 10 years is seeing the impact it has had on women’s lives. Nothing is more impactful than hearing our employee and Remote Riveters’ individual stories of how R.Riveter’s flexible working model has allowed them to fulfill their own dreams. My dream was to have a balance in life that I could be a mom that knew she could always be there for her kids. I knew that a traditional job would take away the flexibility I needed to be able to do that. The basis behind the dream of R.Riveter is a flexible, and mobile work environment that has allowed all of us to fulfill many kinds of dreams that define who we are.” 

Naturally, we feel the best way to celebrate is by lifting the voices of women in our own lives.  

 Here are some ways you can celebrate alongside the lucky ladies in your life: 

  • Read a book written by a woman and start a book club to talk about it.  
  • Create a girl power playlist where you listen to your music 
  • Write and display your favorite empowering quote by a woman 
  • Write down the things you admire about yourself (we know there’s a lot to love!) 
  • Get your girls together for a safe and fun girls night in.  

Women who support women will always be in style. Tell us how you’re celebrating National Women’s History Month!