Black "Her"story Month — Kathryn Finney

Get ready to be impressed beyond your wildest dreams. Kathryn Finney is founder and CEO of digitalundivided, an author, and mentor. It seems she has always been a dreamer and a go-getter her entire life. She graduated from Rutgers University having participated in their student government, honors program, USA Today All Academic team, and had other awards bestowed upon her. 

Finney got her start when she began her blog, “The Budget Fashionista” and was quickly named one of the top fashion blogs of the time. She showed women how to find the things they loved for less. Helping women seemed to become a focal point for Finney as she moved into hosting a conference called FOCUS 100. This tech conference aimed to give training, startup resources, mentorship, and seed funding to attendees. Finney then created an expanded section of FOCUS 100 called digitalundivided that aimed to help Black and Latinx women grow their companies. Under that umbrella, she would be an aid from start to finish to get these ideas to come full circle and create a more diverse and inclusive business ecosystem in the process. 

We love Kathryn Finney because of her dedication to seeing women win. Her entire private and professional life has been about hearing the needs of others and looking to be the solution. Her work has given a voice to women in an industry that is male dominated and offered a chance at hearing more perspectives.