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We all remember learning about the U.S. Navy in history classes. From its birth on October 13, 1775 to its strong presence in ten significant wars, we learned that this branch of the military is nothing less than a force to be reckoned with.  But what are the fun facts that the history books don't tell us? 

For one, did you know that the first Naval ships were converted by George Washington out of small fishing schooners?  Crazy, right?  And that's only the beginning!  Here are seven fun facts that you will want to share with everyone, today,  as we celebrate the Navy's 241st birthday!
  1. Do you watch the hit television show NCIS? Well, it's not JUST a tv show! It's reality! The Naval Criminal Investigative Service was established during WWI and now has 140 locations around the world that dig into criminal offenses, espionage and sabotage!
  2. Have you ever take a tour inside of a submarine -- a little claustrophobic, right? You probably thought to yourself, "I would HATE to be given this assignment!" Well, submariners are ALL volunteers! That's right -- every single one of them! It takes a special personality and set of skills to be underwater, in low light, managing intense circumstances from miles below the surface. It's no wonder why only the best trained U.S. Navy sailors volunteer for these positions!
  3. Has anyone ever told you to "mind your P's and Q's?" This term was originally created by barkeepers, serving Navymen while they were on leave at shore. A "P" stood for a pint and a "Q" stood for a quart, when keeping track of all those tabs. Brilliant!
  4. Everyone has seen the movie Top Gun! Did you know that Tom Cruise's character was serving in the Naval Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor Program, which was founded during the Vietnam War? Who knew a position like that even existed! Those guys must really feel the need... for SPEED!
  5. Ever wonder how your fur babies would fare jumping from a plane at 25,000 feet?Well, Navy Seals don't have to wonder because their specially trained dogs parachute with them! Do you think their pups take offense to being called Navy "Seals?"
  6. Speaking of the Navy Seals, there is another speciality group of Navy men and women that you may not have heard of. They are called the "Seabees" and they travel around the world constructing bases and airstrips. Their motto: "We build. We fight."
  7. Sailors in the Navy have become very well known for their tattoos over the years, but no one gives much thought to the meaning of the artwork. In the Navy, a tattooed rose symbolizes a significant other left back home, a turtle symbolizes the sailor has crossed the equator and a dolphin is believed to ward off sharks. Next time you meet a sailor with a tattoo, ask them what theirs means!

As the years go on and the Navy continues to celebrate more birthdays and milestones, we are sure more interesting facts will arise! In the meantime, we would like to wish the U.S. Navy a very happy o' happy birthday and thank the men and women who proudly serve in this branch, worldwide.