2020 Maker's Series - at the Flagship

On Monday, November 9th we officially released our second collection in the R. Riveter Maker's Series.

If you haven't already -check it out here

Our flagship store hosted an honorary Paint with the Maker where Lindsey led an intimate group in a exercise in color, form and creative exploration. 
Her positive, radiant spirit emanates far beyond the brush strokes on canvas where her vibrant pop forms come to life. 
Every-time you pick up an R. Riveter handbag - you are carrying with you an entire community of people who are cheering you on. 
When you pick up a 2020 R. Riveter Maker's Series Otto with the Sloan Shine Print scarf - you are inviting the heart and soul that was poured into that piece on your everyday journey.
The Sloan Shine print has hints of effervesce and bubbles - like the sparkly punch drink we all need after the year we've had. 
Never forget  - we are stronger together than we are apart & there's always room for one more American Made bag in your collection.