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The Patton was one of the first three styles released in the R. Riveter line and is the company’s best-selling bag to date. But the much-loved bag went through several revolutions before getting to where it is today.

As the whole R. Riveter line evolved, so did the Patton. The first-generation Patton was a circular, crescent-style bag. It had the cross-body style the Patton is known for today, but eventually evolved into a square bag, with more room to fit in essentials like a large wallet, cell phone and keys. The revamp – which debuted in 2014 – filled a need for more space, but also fit in aesthetically with fellow signature bags such as the Finch and the Hobby.

“It’s been my favorite bag of the whole collection so far,” said R. Riveter cofounder Cameron Cruse. “It’s basically the perfect bag for anyone who’s busy and needs a hands-free cross-body bag.”

Did You Know, 

Like all R. Riveter bags, the Patton was named after a famous or influential military spouse.

“Naming the bags after military spouses is not to take away from the soldiers and leaders themselves but to remind us all of the valiant, loyal partners who stood behind them,” continued Cruse.

In this case, it was World War II General George S. Patton’s wife, Beatrice.

“She was a high-spirited woman and a force to be reckoned with,” Cruse said. She was an advocate for military training, bilingual in English and French and an expert equestrian.”

The bag’s simplicity fits in with R. Riveter’s mission to provide portable income to military spouses. In order to fulfill the mission, the independent contractors and employee operators need to onboard and learn quickly, while providing the high quality R. Riveter bags are known for. With any R. Riveter bag, customers who purchase the Patton can find the person who made the bag and where each piece came from by locating the RR# stamped onto multiple parts of the bag.

The Patton is by far R. Riveter’s best seller because of price, size and quality. It’s the type of bag you can take with you anywhere. On a busy day or a workday, you can throw it in a larger tote.