10 ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your gal pals

Who says Valentine’s Day is just for lovers?!  
We’re celebrating all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day – and there’s nothing quite like the love of deep friendships.  
Here are 10 ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends! 
1. Ladies Brunch - Hit up your favorite brunch spot with your friends. Clink mimosa glasses and cheers to friendships and fun hangouts! Accessorize for the occasion with a new Betsy Bucket Bag or Otto Carry-All in Rose Chintz nylon.  
2. Movie Marathon - Plan a rom-com movie marathon and have everyone bring over their favorite snack. Swoon over the love stories and laugh at the silly moments.  
3. Volunteer Together - Pick an organization with a mission close to your hearts and sign up to volunteer as a group. Share the love you have for each other with the community. 
4. Secret Cupid - Have everyone draw a name out of a hat and give secret gifts to their secret cupid. Host a reveal party where everyone gives out one final gift.  
5. Elegant Dinner Out  - Dress up and head out on the town for an elegant dinner out. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner and look great doing it with a Naomi Clutch or Hopper Sling Bag in Strawberry Beige leather at your side.  
6. Game Night - Have everyone over for an action-packed game night. Everyone brings their favorite board game and sweet treat to keep the energy up all night long.  
7. Long Walk or Hike Get out into nature and enjoy everything that nature has for your senses. Feel the warm sun (or chilly snow), hear the birds chirping, and breathe in the fresh air.  
8. Spa Day Book spa appointments and sink into a deep state of relaxation. Pack your make-up and other spa necessities in a mini Clara Zipper Pouch in Strawberry Beige leather or an 044 Pouch in Rose Chintz nylon.  
9. Afternoon Tea Dress up in your frilliest frocks for an afternoon at a tea shop. Put your pinkies up as your sip tea and enjoy scones with a pale pink Betsy Bucket Bag in Strawberry Beige leather or a Hopper Sling Bag in Rose Chintz nylon in tow. 
10. Wine and Paint Night Prepare to get messy! Head out to a wine and paint place and let your creative side blossom while enjoying a relaxing drink or two.  
    No matter what your Valentine’s Day looks like this year, here at R.Riveter we’re wishing you a great time.  
    How are you spending Valentine’s Day this year?