Letters of Gratitude to Military Families

Help us spread joy this season.

To help spread the joy of the season, R.Riveter invites you to write notes of appreciation and encouragement to military spouses, children or family members of deployed service members this holiday season! Over the next few days, we’ll collect these notes and publish them on our blog to share with those families serving our country!

Need some ideas? Here's an example letter.

“For many reasons, you will remember this Christmas forever.

You’ll remember that time you barely made it to the post office before they closed on an early December evening, only to spend a small fortune shipping handmade cards, cookies, and gifts to a war zone. You’ll remember the time you untangled several hundred yards of twinkling lights and triumphantly decorated your front porch with freezing fingers and frustrated laughs. You’ll remember that time you never thought you’d be able to get a 12-foot tree to fit in your living room - let alone decorated and in one piece - with two children under three.”