Taylor | Abstract Serenity Print + Brown Leather Handbag
Taylor | Abstract Serenity Print + Brown Leather Handbag
Taylor | Abstract Serenity Print + Brown Leather Handbag
Taylor | Abstract Serenity Print + Brown Leather Handbag
Taylor | Abstract Serenity Print + Brown Leather Handbag
Taylor | Abstract Serenity Print + Brown Leather Handbag

Taylor | Abstract Serenity Print + Brown Leather Handbag

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Impress the girls at brunch with this stunning new print. Abstract Serenity gives a unique spin on floral and totally sends out “chic artsy” vibes. The best weekend plans always include brunch. (It’s a no brainer) That’s why we’ve designed the ideal outfit completer for those plans. We’d like to formally introduce you to your new go-to brunch bag. The Taylor is a scaled down version of our well-loved Wilson Tote. Make no mistake, this bag still has all the roominess you desire. Throw your sunglasses, wallet, and latest good book in there and hit the road. You’ve got a brunch to get to.

Abstract Serenity’s bursts of fresh color paired with abstract shapes give it a modern Zen vibe that’ll mellow you out anytime you see it. The faint florals prepare you for warmer weather while the gesture marks transport you to an abstract art museum far away from home.

Each R.Riveter handbag takes a journey across the country before arriving at your doorstep. Components are crafted by independent military spouses in their homes around the nation and shipped to R.Riveter's FabShop to be assembled into a one-of-a-kind product.

  • Base Width 10" x Base Depth 5" x Height 11" x Opening Width 12.5" x Handle Drop 5.5"
  • Weight 1.3 lbs
  • 18oz cotton canvas
  • Genuine Brown Leather - For care instructions please visit HERE
  • Adjustable nylon cross body strap, from 29 - 50 inches
  • Width of strap is 1 inch
  • 2 Leather handles
  • Exterior: One open pocket
  • Interior: One open pocket, one zipper pocket, one water bottle sleeve

About our Spring 2021|Serenity Collection

The Transition Collection is about finding beauty in the details. It focuses on keeping your Zen amid an ever-changing life around you. Finding ourselves in a new world of change can be stressful and cause uncertainty. These are the times we most want to recoil into our safe space of complacency. Transition challenges this mindset and pushes to break free from it entirely. Find peace in places you’ve never thought to look and learn how to change your perception of the world around you. Transition is about shifting expectations to be more positive and allowing yourself to shatter the status quo.

As we embark on learning to be liberated from these fears this season, we will focus on three key words—Serenity, Emerge, and Transform.

Serenity is the first essential need within a transition. Defined as a state of being. This is about a mindset shift. 

Inspiration behind the name

Susie King Taylor—A Fearless Educator 

Susie King Taylor was born in a time when it was illegal for Black women to get an education. Thankfully and rightfully, this did not stop her from seeking out a secret school that would teach her how to read. As we all know, knowledge is power, so this is where her story takes flight. Her education got the attention of Union officers who offered her the role of teaching their youth (and some adults). She was only 14. *gasps* 

We know what you’re thinking, “how did a 14-year-old run a school of 40 kids?” And the answer to that would be, with patience and grace. Taylor was eager to teach other freed Black Americans how to read since she saw the opportunity her education had given her.   

Along her way, she met and married Edward King, an officer with the First South Carolina Volunteers of African Descent. When it came time for them to relocate, she followed as a nurse, still teaching many adults and children along the way. When the war was over, she was able to open a (non-secret) school for freed children. *You go girl!* 

In her spare time, she was able to write down a detailed memoir about her time in the war—the only memoir of this kind ever written by a Black woman. (Incredible) Susie King Taylor knew the power of education and we are so proud to honor her for her willingness to share it with others to better their lives.  


Product Care

Maintenance of R. Riveter Leather: 
We love using real veg tanned leather in our handbags because they just better with age.  If you happen to get scratches or water marks, you can usually get the bag looking new again with just a little maintenance.  
Please click here to read about how to care for your veg tanned leather. 
Canvas Care Suggestions: 
When spot cleaning the canvas, we suggest using a brush or sponge with water only to wipe it off soiled area. We do not recommend using anything other than water as it could discolor canvas material.