Poppy Stock | Infinity Scarf Grey Gold Stripe

This beautiful scarf has a hint of elegance with a Metallic Gold pop of color. Pair that with a hidden pocket and it's a season must-have!

The hidden pocket can hold glasses, lip balm, and even a phone! Also, perfect for traveling as it can fit your passport!

Wear this scarf any way you'd like: leave it long, wrap it once, wrap it twice, hide the pocket, or show it proudly. This pocket closes with a zipper so all items are safe and secure. 

  • Infinity Scarf 
  • Light/Medium weight fabric - Soft, slightly textured, with some stretch
  • 95% Polyester, 5% Lycra - Each scarf has a care tag on the inside of the pocket and a soft label on the outside of the pocket
  • Approximately 11" wide and 72" circumference (hangs from the neck about 36")
  • Zipper Pocket Approximately 9" x 7"
  • Care: Machine wash, cool/warm, tumble dry low or line dry
  • **Each item is handmade, so please note that your scarf may differ slightly from the photos above**
About The Poppy Stock® The Poppy Stock’s owner and creator is Annie Frazer, a military spouse and mother. While stationed in Germany she did a lot of traveling with her husband and unfortunately lost a passport and many purses. To solve the problem Annie started sewing her Pocket Scarves to keep what she needed right around her neck. Now as a mother she no longer has to dig through a diaper bag to find her keys, they are easy to find in her Pocket Scarf. Fashion should be not only beautiful but functional in our day to day lives!

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