why we're partnering

The [brief] lab and R.Riveter make a great team. With both partners having roots in the same small town, it feels more like neighbors building connections rather than businesses in a partnership. R.Riveter is military spouse owned and manufactures goods within the USA—two things that hold value to the [brief] lab. The high quality of goods produced will allow users to reuse their packaging in the way they’d like, and we see that as a huge perk to this partnership. By partnering up, both communities can gain support and continue to share their stories.  

who are the modern day riveters?

R.Riveter is a company that sells handbags and small accessories, but what we’re even *more* proud of is our mission and the community of women we’ve built along the way. From the start, our mission has been to provide military spouses with flexible and mobile work that works for them. Our Founders, Lisa and Cameron, are military spouses themselves and began this business when they saw the need for a new kind of work that could travel with them. We are revolutionizing the way manufacturing is done by allowing women to construct parts of a bag in their own home. Our mission is to provide women with flexible and mobile work opportunities to grow in the ways she wants and needs. Basically, we’re all about empowering our fellow gal pals to be able to help support themselves or their families while doing whatever else they may be passionate about.  

the brief lab

We fell hard for the idea that you can make a bigger impact by saying less. Check out Joe's podcast "Just Saying" and you'll be hooked! P.S. You might recognize the guest in episode 197.