Auction for Military Families - Event 2


Marine uniform detail - auction event 2 live on March 22 at 10 am ET


Nothing symbolizes tradition quite like the Marine dress uniform.

It was forged from the myths and symbolism of a great force whose tales go back as far at 1798. From the scarlet trouser stripe sewn down the pant to the leather stock collar - every stitch, button and quatrefoil has an origin story that uphold the identity of the Corps.

 Marine Dress uniform detail

There is a pride that radiates from these materials. This uniform carries a legacy beyond one Marine, one person or one family. It connects through the hundreds of years of the esprit de corps. We hope that by carrying this bag – we continue to carry the legacy and celebrate the Marines and their families.

 Erica, RR195 and her family

While there are many like it – this dress uniform has taken a unique path. Worn officially for that last time in California, it was donated and prepped by a West-coast Riveter, RR195. A Navy wife, Mom and Remote Riveter, Erica knows the sacrifices of the modern-day military family.


RRID Stamp and tag

Once it was transformed – it gets shipped east. 

All the way to Ft. Bragg, NC where it becomes the foundation for a new story.

Starting with the jacket in its newest form a local team member, RR152 grabs a few leather pieces from the bins that line the wall in Southern Pines, North Carolina. Then a zipper and a few pieces of brass hardware that match the finish of the buttons from the uniform. She’s done this what feels like a million times, but still every bag has its own special identity. As she finishes sewing up the sides – the shape of the bag begins to come to fruition.

 Detail, manufacturing at the shop

Another piece from the row of bins, a striped liner gets positioned perfectly inside the shell and top stitched across the top. This step is one of the most challenging. If its not properly lined up  the zipper won’t function, and she only really has one chance to get it right. A mis-stitch means holes in the fabric that will not mee the quality standards for the final product. The liner has been constructed by RR283, Jennifer, her Riveter ID is stamped inside the liner as a point of ownership and the mark of a proud maker.


Riveter holding liners

Jennifer and Erica haven’t met in person- but in this moment their work comes together perfectly. Once the bag is fully assembled – RR148, Rachel puts the finishing touches on, a matching leather strap and a support tag that was hand stamped and dyed by RR053. 

All the parts and pieces coming together from VA, CA, FL and finally NC. Where will this bag go next? Who will pick up this community of men and women and Carry the Legacy into its next era?



SOLD!! Bidding is now closed.
So much more than the bag - multiple generations of military families, unique stories of service all coming together over the pride and tradition of this Marine dress jacket. Who will write the next chapter?

100% of those proceeds will go to the American Legion Auxiliary.