2020 International Women's Day

International Women's Day is a time to express gratitude for our progress, wish courage to those still facing their battles, and gracefully allow ourselves to dream even bigger.
In 2020, women truly do it all. We craft our careers, head corporations, hold representation in our military and government –– all the while still raising our families and supporting our spouses.
We’ve arrived at a point where women can do virtually *anything* and are no longer forced to base our dreams strictly on obtaining what was once kept from us. Instead, we can imagine new possibilities beyond anyone’s current reality.
This year, push yourself to dream bigger and pursue more for yourself –– even and especially if that “more” is something that doesn’t quite exist yet. Every day, ordinary women are finding new, extraordinary ways to make history in their communities and their country. Let this be the year you find yours. - Co-Founders Lisa Bradley & Cameron Cruse
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