Clara | Plum Noir Leather Zipper Pouch
Clara | Plum Noir Leather Zipper Pouch
Clara | Plum Noir Leather Zipper Pouch
Clara | Plum Noir Leather Zipper Pouch
Clara | Plum Noir Leather Zipper Pouch

Clara | Plum Noir Leather Zipper Pouch

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Trendy and versatile. Festive and fun. We’re describing the leather Clara Pouch of course! Our holiday colors are here to sweep you off your feet and put you in the holiday spirit. Grab this for the perfect stocking stuffer or fill it with goodies and pop a bow on the front for a sustainable and stylish “gift bag” that is sure to please.

High fashion meets holiday cheer. Plum Noir is the life of the party. If this colorway were a person, it would be the main character. Cheers to that!

With one, uncluttered interior you can easily find and retrieve what you need. Get this half-moon pouch if you need something simple to keep your toiletries organized. 

A great choice if you like to travel light, this will store all your daily toiletries without being bulky in your suitcase. Made to be handy and versatile, you can store anything you like in these, from toiletries to tech accessories.  


  • Depth 3.5” 
  • Height at center 5”
  • Length 7.5”

About our Midnight Noir Collection:

Clinking glasses, roaring laughter, and each of your loved ones dressed to the nines. This collection was inspired by all things Baroque. Let these dramatic prints, luxe leathers and swanky suedes do all the talking this year. Midnight Noir brings the party wherever it is taken. Gift it or get it for yourself—we all could use a little spice in our holiday season, so let’s start with our accessories.

Inspiration behind the name

Clara Barton—The Helper and Nurturer 

Who would've thought an extremely quiet and shy young woman would become the founder and leader of the American Red Cross, National First Aid Society, and open the first ever free school in New Jersey? Not us—but then again, why should we ever be surprised when a woman accomplishes amazing things?  

To be honest, Barton’s story is a lot about her rising to the occasion time and time again, and then others coming in and taking over, kicking her out of the thing she built. (major thumbs down) But it never stopped her or even slowed her down. In fact, it allowed her to build and lead more and for that, we’re grateful. 

As a young woman, she became a schoolteacher to help with her timidity. As mentioned earlier, she was so good at her job that she was funded to open the first free school in New Jersey. (How cool!) It was so successful that she had to hire more teachers to help out. When her time ended there, she began work nursing soldiers to health during the Civil War. She was a natural at collecting, organizing, and distributing supplies and her tenderness and care made all the difference. It was this desire to offer aid that fueled the creation of the American Red Cross to respond to natural disasters as well. During the war, she became known as “Angel of the Battlefield” for her efforts in aiding these soldiers so close to the front lines and for her quick thinking and creativity when supplies ran out (think corn husk bandages).  

Barton’s nurturing and go-getter spirit is what we admire and honor her for—because who knows where we would turn to without her efforts for the American Red Cross. Thanks Clara!