Combat Flip Flops | Standard Issue Shemagh Grey & Black
Combat Flip Flops | Standard Issue Shemagh Grey & Black

Combat Flip Flops | Standard Issue Shemagh Grey & Black

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Sourced, loomed and embroidered in Kabul, Afghanistan, this universal survival and fashion piece has a story to tell.  

Do you need one? If you spend any time in the sun, outdoors, or in a suit, the shemagh is a force multiplier. Use it to shade yourself from the sun, hide from an ex, or cool yourself off in the shade. The uses and configurations are only left to your imagination. 

  • Made in Afghanistan
  • Light Weight
  • 44"X44"
  • Cotton/poly blend

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Meet the Maker

Combat Flip Flops

What is the story behind your business?

Keeping it short. We're a business founded by special operations veterans that saw the power of economic change in conflict zones and decided to make a life helping others. Specifically, we make fashion and lifestyle products in Afghanistan, Colombia, Laos, and America--creating jobs and leaders in areas that need help. With our profits, we fund women's education in Afghanistan and veteran non-profits at home.

Name three personality traits that you think have helped you become a successful entrepreneur?

Compartmentalization--the highs and lows of entrepreneurship are non stop. Being able to withstand the daily storm of positive and negative emotions through cognitive processes keep us on trace.

Levity--If people only knew the dumb things that happen on a daily basis in a small business. Being able to keep the vibe positive during a challenge is key.

Discipline--Entrepreneurship is a grind. You need to be disciplined about your health, diet, task management, communications, and numbers.

What inspires you?

Our children. Our kids are less than four years from being able to fight in the same war we did. We need to figure out the end of this conflict for them.

    Product Care

    We suggest washing before first use to make sure dyes do not bleed.

    Dry cleaning is the preferred method, but not required. To wash by hand, first use very cold water in a clean bowl or bucket. Add a little soft detergent such as baby shampoo or Woolite, then wash gently by hand while being very careful with the hand-tied tassels. After washing, please do not wring dry. Simply lay it flat to dry. Once dry, you may warm iron but it is best to put a piece of paper or cloth between the iron and the fabric.