Southern Elegance Candle Company | Soy Candles 11oz. Tumbler

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  •  100% Soy Candle
  • 11 oz. Tumbler
  • Hand Poured in Raeford, NC
  • Burn Time Approximately 70 hours

Choose between ten fabulous scents, each named after a well known military base, exclusive to R. Riveter customers! Name and scent options include:

  1. Fort Bragg, NC: Tobacco & Vanilla - Notes of tobacco leaf and oriental spice with hints of fruity wine and spicy cinnamon, warm cloves, aromatic incense, and earthy patchouli. Along with fresh vanilla, undertones make this candle truly warm and inviting. 
  2. Fort Carson, CO: Oakmoss & Sage - This candle is deep, earthy, with the woodsy sweetness of forest moss accented with bold, fragrant sage. This sensual fragrance is fresh with wonderful woodsy tones that will remind you of being in the great outdoors.
  3. Fort Campbell, KY: Apple & Bourbon - This candle is a twist on the time-honored apple fragrance. Start with fresh apples and combine in a touch of vanilla, maple, and a punch of smooth bourbon for a scrumptious spin on an old favorite.
  4. Fort Stewart, GA: Currant & Tea - This candle smells of a tranquil blend of currant, tea, and delightful floral overtones. This candle will make you want to unwind and have a massage with its soothing aroma of black currants and tea.
  5. Camp Merrill, GA: Peaches - Nothing is better than freshly sliced ripe and juicy Georgia peaches. This candles captures the essence of a sweet, syrupy Georgia fruit. It smells almost good enough to eat.
  6. Fort Hood, TX: Bergamot + Grapefruit -  Alone, bergamot and grapefruit fragrances are delightful. But combining them creates a clean, yet alluring, citrus scent that is calming and relaxing. 
  7. Fort Knox, KY: Blackberry + Grapefruit - A crisp and clean citrus experience. Tangy, tropical, exotic grapefruit with a touch of sweetness blended with the tartness of blackberry.
  8. Eglin Air Force Base, FL: Orange + Chili Pepper - Sassy, strong, and bold, this orange and chili pepper candle is a fusion of true orange with a spicy kick of chili pepper.
  9. The Capital, DC: Cherry Blossom - A delicate blend of flowery cherry blossom top notes coupled with fresh, fruity middle notes, and finally the exotic smell of sandalwood. This candle will remind you of a spring morning when the blossoms are in full bloom. 

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Meet the Maker

Southern Elegance Candle Company 

      Southern Elegance Candle Company is a small candle business located in Raeford, NC. We create hand poured soy candles that celebrate everything there is to love about the South: the aromas, the flavors, the traditions and the storied cities. Each candle is named after a military base with a fragrance that is reflective of its location.