For Military Spouses

Video By: Phil Toran


  • Becca

    Thank you for what you do for mil spouses everywhere. Wish this would have been around thirty four years ago when I was an active duty mil spouse; however, thank goodness your here for this generation of mil spouses. Will spread the word here at home near Ft. Chaffee, AR. Keep up the great work.

  • Monica

    Read about you in the USAA magazine and had to go to your website right away! Congratulations on your concept and wishing you much success for you and all of your workers. I am a former Army nurse myself and recognize the many issues military families face every day.

  • Jimmy R Nelson

    In reading the USAA magazine and coming across the article on your company, it makes
    me feel proud of my service through what is being done to help open a door for the spouses in wait.
    I could not imagine the emotional strain for the ladies and gentleman who keep the homes for the
    active service members. It is honorable that you saw the need and created products useful for a
    growing market.

    Semper Fi Ladies

    Jimmy R. Nelson
    USMC, CPL, RVN "68 -‘69’ retired

  • Col. Jerry Seaman, USA(ret)

    Military spouses are the unheralded and undecorated heroes of any conflict. My wife, and all military spouses, male or female, are American Patriots. A day should be named in their honor to recognize the sacrifices and hardships endured during their loved ones absences fighting for our freedoms.

  • LYnne

    Thanks for what you do! My sister and I make quilts for QOV. Our father was a serviceman and we appreciate what you do!

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