For Military Spouses

Video By: Phil Toran


  • eema palmer

    How wonderful your idea is!!! I will deffinately purchase them for me and family, Blessings

  • PIna Buduo

    Love your bags great job

  • Pamela

    My husband and I just saw you on Shark Tank and couldn’t be more impressed or proud of you and the service both you and your husbands provide for this nation. Thank you for your service! I plan to order a purse today, and am sorry for any missed opportunity I might have had to be an individual investor prior to your well deserved agreement to team up with Mark Cuban. We wish you every success!

  • Pattie

    Read your article in USA, great story! My husband is a Vietnam vet and I remember seeking employment. Luckily, the local industries hired military spouses. Wishing you great success and thank your spouse for serving the USA!

    Best wishes,

  • Nancy

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! Just saw the article about you and your company in the latest USAA Magazine (Summer 2015). What a great company! I LOVE that you’re able to use surplus military items. Good luck to you girls!

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