Meet the Riveter: Victoria || RR075

December 22, 2016


Just as each and every R. Riveter handbag is unique, in its own special way, the Military Spouses pouring their hearts and talent into their creations are fabulously unique as well. Victoria is no exception. If you see an RR075 in your handbag, then you can now say you know the Riveter who made it.

Behind every Military Spouse there is an epic love story; love for a man and love for our country. Victoria and her husband were childhood friends and then high school sweethearts. It’s the kind of romance that only exists in movies… especially the part where the young man leaves the beautiful girl to serve his country. But… we’re skipping ahead. Let’s back things up a bit…

Derek and Victoria met in the 9th grade. They quickly became best friends and did absolutely everything together… right up until the day he left for boot camp. They promised each other to exchange letters that day, and not read them until they had said their “goodbyes.” Victoria was not sure what she would find sealed within the envelope Derek gave her, but she knew what was written in the one he carried away with him; exactly three words: “I love you.” Victoria’s heart skipped a beat when her eyes skimmed his words and she learned he was leaving her feeling the exact same way.

For months, Victoria wrote and wrote until her hands grew tiresome. Derek received letters about her days spent missing him, jokes from their favorite television show The Office and pages filled with her dreams for their future together. One-year later… Derek and Victoria were married.

“We always had feelings for each other. It was magical.”

Now married to the love of her life – and the Navy - Victoria was committed to finding a way to create a mobile career and make her new lifestyle work for herself and her marriage. And so, her Etsy Shop was born. Small Pirates is home to beautifully handmade, eco-friends baby items like diaper covers, bibs and teethers! (In fact, you should totally go check it out! Click here to visit Victoria’s Etsy Shop!)

Armed with a passion for creativity, an addiction to all things fabric and advancing seamstress skills, Victoria took her “sew, sew, sew” motto straight to R. Riveter. Her leap of faith was rewarded with a mobile and flexible career as a Riveter. (Though, we’re not quite sure who got the better deal! Have you seen Victoria’s work? It’s stellar, and this company would not be the same without her!)

Victoria feels very strongly about sharing with the nation how inspiring it is to be a Riveter. As a Military Spouse, unique hardships are endured on almost a daily basis. The responsibility of being a member of the military community is something Victoria cherishes, and has never taken lightly. In fact, Victoria has found herself away from her husband, on several occasions, with limited communication while he was deployed on his ship. While the distance is “a bitter pill to swallow”, the reward of the first hug and kiss home from deployment and her husband kicking off his boots and relaxing at home anticipating his favorite home cooked meal prepared by Victoria would be special each and every time.

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