Meet the Riveter: Jocelyn + Baby "Rosie"

November 16, 2016

First comes love... then comes the military... then comes a baby... Wait. We missed a part! Let's back things up, just a bit!

Meet Jocelyn | RR024

Anyone who doesn't believe that anything is possible has not met our Master of All-Things-Leather... Jocelyn! Jocelyn, one of our first Remote Riveters, is responsible for crafting the quality leather that goes into many of our handbags. "I always knew I wanted to do something creative with my life," Jocelyn is quick to tell anyone who will listen to her story. In fact, she is known well by her family and friends for her creativity (and her little girl is following in her footsteps - see below!) And so, it was only fitting that she join the R. Riveter team -- allowing those creative juices to flow into our American Handmade products.

"Yes. I am a Military Spouse, but I needed to feel like I was a part of something separate from my husband." Don't get her wrong: Jocelyn hates the idea of being physically separated from her husband. Like all of our Remote Riveters, deployments are inevitable, making the time spent with significant others so precious.

"Those separations, as difficult as they are, keep the spark in a marriage going. I don't regret becoming a Military Spouse. It's being a part of this community that has allowed me to find a home with R. Riveter, and I would never want to be doing anything else."

So how did Jocelyn become a Military Spouse? 

Having moved across the country with her husband, after knowing and falling in love after only three months, the crazy ride Jocelyn calls their life together is still going strong. "He inspires me more than anyone I have ever met. He is my husband, best friend and an amazing father to our children."

Baby Rosie is on her way!

This fairytale couple is currently awaiting the birth of their 5th child -- and Baby Rosie is going to be making her appearance within the next few days! Of course, Rosie is not her actual name -- that's just how Jocelyn's "Riveter Sisters" have been referring to her.  All of us here at R. Riveter are simply overjoyed for Jocelyn and her family! Congratulations!

Want to help Jocelyn guess her due date and time?

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