Rosie's Favorite Things

November 22, 2016

Rosie’s Favorite Things 2016

Our very own Rosie the Riveter is conquering the battle which we know as CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! She is back this year, with another edition of "Rosie's Favorite Things" and is ready to share her own holiday shopping list. Here is her Top 10 Favorite American Handmade Christmas gifts for 2016!

Southern Elegance Candle Co. || Home for the Holidays

What better way to give your home that familiar holiday scent then by burning the remarkable scent of cranberry marmalade? This small candle business hand pours each of their candles that fill your home with joy for approximately 55 hours! Each candle celebrates our military by being named after different military bases and reflects the local fragrance that dwells there. This R. Riveter exclusive is exactly what everyone wants for Christmas -- for their loved ones to be home, and safe for the holidays.

Scared Spaces by Corie Weathers

Military Spouse and author, Corie Weathers, takes you with her on an inspiring journey to gain a better understanding of her husband, and his deployment experience. Along the way, she discovers a whole new perspective of herself and her military marriage. This book is the ultimate gift for Military Spouses and Military Couples to come together this holiday season!


R. Riveter || Denim Otto

One thing women know truly well: handbags! You can be assured that the R. Riveter Signature Collection will be stylish and in-demand this season! Our Signature Otto speaks to the fashionistas in us all, giving you the option of wearing it three different ways. Let's not forget the Denim Otto has a WWII Navy Sailor inspired look that will have your friends begging to be added to your Christmas list.

Faribault Wollen Mill Co.

If you are looking for something vintage for that stylish friend or family member then look no further than the Faribault Wollen Mill Co. Their scarves, military blankets, and throws are created by fifth generation craftspeople with century-old machinery and modern technology. Talk about vintage done modern style! Sounds just like our girl, Rosie. This is why Faribault is a holiday shop stop favorite of hers.

Visit one of our retail locations in Southern Pines, NC or Bethesda, MD to shop this exclusive collection of military blankets!

Poppy Stock || Infinity Tartan

There is nothing like a gift that is both stylish and functional. As you deck the hall this Christmas you can deck the necks of your mothers, daughters, sisters and friends with Poppy Stock’s Tartan Infinity scarf. It’s the perfect accessory to give some cheer to your holiday wardrobe. R. Riveter provides easy shopping access to snatch up this hot item!

Smithey Ironware

Anyone can cook something exceptional when using Smithey Ironware’s cookware. These American made cast iron skillets are crafted in Charleston, SC and are made to last. Looking for a new holiday tradition? By gifting one of these sturdy cast iron skillets you could be taking part in the beginning of a cooking tradition that will take place after the first sizzling homemade meal is made on this premium cookware!

Appalachia Cookie Company

What started out as a late-night dessert delivery service is now a national company delivering all over America and straight to your door. The Appalachia Cookie company bakes delicious cookies like your grandma used to make! You can turn their delights into your Christmas gifts. Perfect for the office party or even that friend with the sweet tooth. But you aren’t just going to be giving to your loved ones this holiday season with this gift. David Holloman, the founder, donates 30lbs of food per month for families in need. This is the holiday gift that keeps on giving!

Nola Boards


Homegrown. Handcrafted. These cutting boards from the very heart of New Orleans are SIMPLY a gift that no woman can refuse!  Half parts functional AND artistic, you will find any of their products to become a holiday centerpiece to cherish for years to come! Fa la la la la la la CHOP! 

Cover Love

No gift is more personal then something that is, well, personalized! Cover Love creates beautiful countryside pillow covers that can express your thoughts with style. Whether it’s a child’s name for their bed pillow, a football team name for the mancave, or a special date that you want to make impossible to forget, Cover Love can create your vision in six different styles.

CharlieMadison Originals

CharlieMadison’s founder and designer, Wendy Hively, has journeyed all over the world and decided to share her experience through the beauty of her bloom necklaces. With the tassel representing a lotus blossom and the gemstone strands its strong roots, gifting this necklace this holiday season would also be wishing it’s receiver inner peace, strength, and, of course, panache!