Introducing 3 New Limited Edition Ottos!

March 14, 2017

R.Riveter is committed to providing mobile income for military spouses across the country, and using recycled materials is just part of that story. Each Limited Edition handbag we make has a unique story behind it. It tells where a soldier has been, what they've seen, and what they've been through. It represents the triumphs, the struggles and the sacrifices each soldier makes while serving our country.

Meet our 3 new Limited Edition handbags: the Marine Green Otto, the Black Trench Otto and the Class A + Black Otto!

Marine Green Otto
Reclaimed US Marine Service Uniform + Genuine Black Leather

There is something about the texture and stability of Marine Green that makes such a poised and bold handbag. From the memories behind the service member who wore the uniform, to the rich and unique color of the material, the Marine Green Otto is sure to stand out from any handbag you've ever owned! 


Black Trench Otto
Reclaimed US Army Trench Coat + Genuine Black Leather

For Remote Riveters, creating Ottos from reclaimed Army trench coats is like a puzzle. So much time and thought goes into how each coat is deconstructed and then reconstructed it into a truly unique handbag. The many characteristics and different aspects of every matte black trench coat make this no ordinary purse; each one is truly one-of-a-kind! 


Class A + Black Otto
Reclaimed US Class A Uniform + Genuine Black Leather

Each Army Class A uniform is a carrier of memories. From military balls and celebrations to ceremonies and serious events, these uniforms represent the stories and experiences soldiers had during their time in service. Truly a handbag like no other, each Class A Otto is an incredible, unique piece!