Ethical Fashion: Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

August 29, 2016


Most of us can agree that our style says a lot about our personality. Personally, I know that what I wear can often tell the world exactly who I am... without ever my ever needing to speak a word. But who makes our clothes?  Sure, we can rattle off the names of the stores in the mall we shopped at or boutiques we ordered from --  but where does each piece originate? Whose hands have touched it? How far has it traveled? Like R. Riveter handbags, every piece of clothing we wear has its own story to tell and is waiting for us to decide whether or not it was ethical to purchase it in the first place.

By definition, the term "Ethical Fashion" describes the design, production, retail, and purchasing of our clothes and accessories . It covers a range of issues such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production, the environment, and animal welfare. It's a lot of topics to cover, but the bottom line is this: In addition to looking good and feeling good in our clothing, it should be important to us all that we are also doing good by supporting companies that are manufacturing sustainable products and treating their employees fairly.
"Buy less. Choose Well. Make it last." - Vivienne Westwood

Next time you walk into a privately owned local boutique or shop #AmericanMade fashion, I challenge you to seek out ethically sourced items and reflect on the benefits of it.  The item you hold in your hands is not only sustainable and will last longer than less expensive materials, but you can leave the store knowing it was crafted out of love and compassion in a safe and kind environment.
Now, that's a fashion trend we can all get behind!
So... go on! Tell the world who you are and what kind of person you want to be...
without ever speaking a world. 

Featured Maker: Francis + Benedict

As a non-profit organization Francis + Benedict exist to empower and equip Togolese seamstresses by providing them with dignified and sustainable employment. In addition our profits from the sale of these beautiful skirts are used to resource community leaders in Togo West Africa who are providing for orphans and widows and those suffering in poverty. We believe job production is just the first step in terms of ethical fashion, going beyond that we want to use the US market to sell these hand crafted pieces but return the resources back to the country of origin. Thank you for realizing that every article of clothing tells a story, we believe there is not another skirt sold in the US with greater impact than F + B!
Story: Kellie Gunderman
Photography: Abi Ray