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Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE. If your significant other is deployed (or gone for an extended training), the holiday may seem like a bit of a drag, but it certainly doesn’t have to be! Spreading love – to your kids, your friends, your family, or even random strangers can bring a whole new meaning to the day. 
We’ve put together our top 7 ways to make Valentine’s Day memorable if you’re celebrating solo this year!
1. Plan a Skype date with your deployed significant other, even if the date is plus or minus a few days! Take a little time beforehand to pamper yourself before the virtual date – paint your nails, put on a nice outfit, light a few candles to set the mood, and make a nice dinner or treat! 

2. Make your spouse a surprise care package. Again, even if the package is a little delayed from the actual holiday, we think it’s always the thought that counts! If you’re feeling more creative, try this thoughtful idea: purchase a stack of notecards with envelopes and label each envelope with directions detailing when he/she should open them! A note for when your spouse is missing home. One for when they are reminiscing about the day you met. One for when they need a hug from the kids. One for when they needs a laugh. Get creative! Then, fill the note cards with your special thoughts and mail them all together.

3. Pamper yourself! If you’re like many of us, you think of yourself last. The pedicure you’ve been meaning to get for the last 3 months is still not scheduled, the bath bomb you bought a few weeks ago is still sitting in your bathroom drawer – so take a little time for YOU! If you want to stay home, pour a glass of wine, take a hot bubble bath, and read a good book. If you’re looking to get out of the house, treat yourself to a pedicure – preferably at a salon that serves cocktails!

4. Have a night out with the girls. There is no reason to feel guilty about going out on Valentine’s Day with friends (or even new acquaintances!) and having a great time. Valentine’s Day is a day to spread love, and letting your friends know how much they mean to you is equally as important! Whether you go out for burgers and a beer or tacos and margaritas – celebrate an amazing time with friends you love! 

5. Make the day special for your kiddos! Having your spouse gone for holidays can be tough at times, so focusing on making the day extra special for your kids can be equally as fun as pampering yourself! Plan a special Valentine’s Day craft, take them out for ice cream, or treat them to a movie. If you are a military spouse with fur babies, make the day special for your pups too! Take them to the dog park, give them a special bone, and spend some extra time snuggling. While your pups may not understand Valentine’s Day, they do appreciate the extra love!

6. Spoil yourself with a little gift! R.Riveter's Post to Pillar collection, a curated marketplace for Military Spouse makers, offers a variety of handcrafted jewelry. We love the Women Warriors line by Stella Valle, the tasteful tassels and beads from Charliemadison Originals, or dainty necklaces from Chokers by KK.

7. Do something kind for a stranger! “Pay it forward,” and offer to pay for the customer in line behind you at your local coffee shop. They may extend the kindness to the customer after them, and create a chain of kindness throughout the day!  
However you embrace Valentine’s Day this year, know that you’re not alone! Surround yourself with love and beauty, and remember that as much as you are thinking of your deployed significant other… he/she is thinking of you too! 

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