Military Inspired Fashion

October 17, 2016

Be All That You Can Be... In Military Inspired Fashion

Just as we have always been able to count on our military to safeguard our freedoms, we can also rely on the military to inspire our style!  Everywhere you look, there are military inspired trends such as utility jeans, jackets and even pencil skirts.  You can even complete an outfit with aviator sunglasses and cargo khaki shoes.  When did military style fashion become so trendy?  How did we blink and miss the birth of this fashion wave? Don't worry! Here are a few tips on how to create the perfect, functional military-inspired wardrobe for fall!

      • Camoflauge. It's one of the most fashionable patterns this season! If you feel like cringing right about now, let us clarify: You do not need to be rocking out a G.I. Jane costume from head-to-toe. No! The best way to look great in this trend, is to incorporate splashes of camo into your outfit! Try a camouflage printed shoe or scarf to bring that "tough" appeal onto your daily runway. Slip into these J. Crew Addie Camo Loafers, made right here in the U.S.A.!
      • Classic canvas and Leather bags. Today, there are not many American companies who, not only have such deep roots within the military community, but incorporate those roots into their business model! At R. Riveter, our Military Spouses are able to take their jobs with them wherever they go!  From coast to coast, these women are handcrafting handbags from military-inspired materials... our Signature Collection! 


          While it's fun and stylish, as women, to represent our country in military-inspired fashion, let us not forget the women who are "the real deal." These women are putting it all on the line, but they deserve a chance to feel beautiful, too! These selfless women were the inspiration behind the R. Riveter Women In Uniform Collection. An ode to women serving in the armed services, this handbag was designed with military regulations in mind. It is one of the only bags women are permuted to carry while in uniform. Learn more here.
          Let’s give a salute to the crisp white tees, military blazers, camouflage accessories and R. Riveter handbags.  They were all designed with the inspiration of the military in mind.  In love with military-inspired fashion and want to be featured on the R. Riveter blog? Email us at and tell us how you are creating your rugged and refined military styles! Just as it is every person's right to stand for the American way, it is every person's privilege to stand in the most fabulous fashion statements, honoring our American legacy.