Recognizing Value: ServingTalent

March 03, 2016

 Sometimes an organization comes along that just gets it right and ServingTalent is one of those businesses. We are proud to support this great company that offers a critical a service to military spouses.

 Military and government spouses experience roadblocks in their career success due to frequent moves and relocations that come with the military and government life. In order to clear those roadblocks, Maggie Varona and Marcelle Yeager founded ServingTalent (, a full-service recruiting agency that actively places professional military and government spouses with employers.

 Maggie and Marcelle have more than 18 years’ worth of moves between them, and met while stationed in Santiago, Chile. Together, the founders decided to tackle the spouse employment issue and aim to ensure that a spouse’s commitment to family and country does not require them to limit their professional potential.

 Military and government spouses represent an incredible talent pool that is often overlooked by employers. Maggie and Marcelle recognize the value these spouses can offer to employers and are on a mission to put one of the nation’s greatest and most underutilized resources to work.

ServingTalent has relationships with small and large employers in a variety of industries that include retail, technology, insurance, legal, governmental contracting and more. Candidates have a broad spectrum of experience and employers are looking to fill positions in all career fields at all levels. Jobs are part-time, full-time or hourly and are located on-site and remotely. There is also no cost to candidates for their services.

 In addition to being a business owner, CPA and mom, Maggie is the spouse of an active-duty service member. Marcelle owns a career consulting business, has an MBA, and is also a mom and wife to a State Department Foreign Service Officer. Maggie is a former finance director with an extensive background in IT consulting, and Marcelle spent more than 10 years as a strategic communications and government relations consultant.

 If you are a spouse looking for employment opportunities, please send your resume to You will be contacted for a phone screening or interview prior to being presented to an employer.