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At R. Riveter, we believe in shopping small + shopping local. We love supporting our fellow small business owners and working to encourage each other! One of our favorite local businesses is right down the street from our FabShop in Southern Pines, NC! 

Owned + operated by Trish Deerwester, PATRICIA is your one-stop destination for everything minimal, classic and modern! 

After working as a jeweler for many years, Trish loved the idea of collecting all of her favorite pieces under one roof. Like with any small business venture, getting started can be intimidating. But, with the support, love and encouragement of Trish's friends, PATRICIA in downtown Southern Pines opened it's doors for business.

I wasn't sure if starting my own business was a good idea but my friends said, "Just do it!" I couldn't have done it without them.

 In addition to jewelry, you can find clothing, accessories + decor at PATRICIA. 

I really wanted to carry items that you only needed to buy once and they would last forever... like a nice cashmere sweater.

Trish has made it her mission to bring her customers iconic clothing and jewelry that are not only functional, but a long-lasting investment. But, these pieces are not brought into the store at random. Each item on the shelves at PATRICIA is hand selected by Trish, and each holds a special place in her heart for many different reasons.

The items I choose to carry, I choose because they really do have their own story to tell.

One of Trish's favorite collections is Jewelry by Ashley Pittman. All of her pieces are handcrafted in Kenya by artisans using indigenous materials to East Africa. 10% of the money Trish spends to bring these items into her store are donated by the Ashley Pittman Foundation to help fund a primary school in Kenya. These funds provide students with uniforms, clean drinking water, hot lunches and salaries for teachers.

Just like R. Riveter, when PATRICIA makes a sale the customer knows they are not just taking home a beautiful, durable and quality product; they know they are supporting something bigger... and that their decision to shop small made a difference in the life of someone else.

Visit PATRICIA online at to see more pictures of her Minimal, Classic + Modern Fashions and read more about the collections she has available!


Interview + Story || Kellie Gunderman

Photography || Abi Ray

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