The Red Riveters Volleyball Team

November 05, 2015

R. Riveter Supports the Trussville, Alabama YMCA

Working Together to Empower Young Women

R. Riveter believes in cultivating women beginning at the youngest of ages to become amazing members of society who have a desire to make a positive impact on the world around them. The YMCA shares a very similar belief in that it focuses on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. So, it makes sense that these two companies would combine forces to support the Trussville, Alabama YMCA’s Girls Youth Volleyball Program.

The Trussville’s Girls Youth Volleyball Program is a very young program, only having had one season thus far. The YMCA wants to teach the girls good character, competence, confidence, and working as a team. This coincides with our mission at R. Riveter of emboldening women in society, taking inspiration from both women who came before us as well as women making a difference in the world today.

The R. Riveter name was derived from historical icon, Rosie the Riveter, who inspired women in America to step up and take the place of deployed men by working in factories and shipyards during World War II. Just as Rosie inspired women to produce ammunition and war supplies to support our troops, R. Riveter wanted to support the young girls of Trussville, Alabama.

"I was thrilled when R. Riveter reached out to us about endorsing the 9-10 year old girls team. R. Riveter is the first company to sponsor any of the youth programs here at the Trussville YMCA." - Jarvis Jones, Youth Sports Coordinator

Once the girls heard about R. Riveter and what the company stands for, they unanimously chose their team name: The Red Riveters. The team colors became red and white, and the talented young volleyball players proudly wear the R. Riveter logo on their sleeves. Completing the uniform are red bandanas + knee socks, donated from R. Riveter.


The team exceeded the expectations of the teamwork both the YMCA and R. Riveter wanted to incite in them. When Kellie from R. Riveter came to observe the girls in action during a game, she witnessed the epitome of what it means to support your fellow teammate. One of the Riveters, Madelyn, had practiced her heart out all week for the upcoming game so when she missed a serve, she was afraid she had let her team down. Overwhelmed she began to cry. Coach Rachel Grguric called a time out solely so that she and the other Riveters could comfort her and encourage her.

"I was so inspired in that moment by this team. On a volleyball court, a place where competition is supposed to be at its peak, those young girls showed us all what their idea of success is; friendship, teamwork and strength in numbers. They cared more about each other than they did the missed serve and proved that they all embody the powerful and humble spirit of Rosie the Riveter." -Kellie, R. Riveter

“We have a lot of fun on the court. At the end of the day it’s about the skill sharpening and team building that we focus on. If the girls aren’t smiling then we are doing something wrong. Their smiles make my experience as a coach that much more rewarding.” - Rachel Grguric, Coach

Communities supporting their young girls. The girls supporting each other. The ideals of comradery and empowerment certainly shine through in the Red Riveters. They are characteristics that both R. Riveter and the Trussville YMCA will continue to instill in the young women of the Red Riveters Volleyball Team; a team that we hope will inspire other young women near and far.

Game on!!