The Strength of Stroller Strides

September 08, 2015

Being able to create your own family-away-from-family is one of the most beautiful aspects of being a military spouse. And when your family consists of other women and mothers who share the same values as you, it makes life so much easier during times of stress and heartache.  Just ask the women of Stroller Strides in Pinehurst, NC. They realize that being a successful mother, wife, military spouse, friend and professional, means building strength... on the inside and out. They support and motivate each other to reach new physical and emotional goals, and all the while, spending quality time with their little ones.


Each morning, the Pinehurst Chapter of this Fit4Mom franchise (which consists of almost 50 active members) meets up at a local park with their strollers and children in tow. They run/walk, do strength training with resistance bands and hand weights, and work through other exercises using the environment around them and... you guessed it: their strollers!  


Franchise owner, Barbara Peterson, purchased the Pinehurst chapter about two years ago. While living in Savannah, GA, she gave birth to her second child. Ten days later, her husband deployed. It was a difficult time for Barbara, as she was attempting to physically recover from childbirth and take care of her two children on her own. With the realization that postpartum was lurking, she took her search for support to the internet. That is when she found the Savannah chapter of Stroller Strides.

"I know it sounds crazy, but Stroller Strides saved my life."   

Barbara noticed right away that there was something special about the Fit4Mom Franchise; there was an unwavering support system for women, just like her.


"As a new member, I felt so welcomed. They embraced me with open arms and I never looked back."  

Shortly thereafter, Barbara became a Fit4Mom Instructor and purchased the Pinehurst Chapter of Stroller Strides in North Carolina.  It's not just about adopting a healthy lifestyle, though that's certainly important, but there is also a social aspect involved that most of the members didn't have before joining.

"We host a monthly "Mommy Night Out," plan playgroups, take turns making dinner, race to the hospital when someone needs a hand to hold as they're giving birth without their deployed husband; it really provides us with a family away from our families."

Are you a Military Spouse in need of support? There are Fit4Mom Chapters all over the country! Visit to learn more! You can also contact Barbara at