Packing Tips For Your Holiday Weekend Getaway

May 27, 2016

It's Memorial Day Weekend + you just NEED to get away!

Our advice: There is no such thing as too much travel. So grab your weekender bag, and get packing! You can use the tips below to make yourself available for life's surprises!

  • Make A Packing List: We know. We know. We sound a lot like your mom! But, creating a packing list is a must-have for two reasons: 1) It will help you remember everything you need for your weekend getaway and 2) If kept in your weekender bag, you can use it to repack at the end of the weekend! If something is left in the hotel shower or entangled in the sheets... you'll know with a simple checklist! 
  • Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity: It's JUST a weekend trip. Do you REALLY need 8 pairs of shoes and 6 bathing suits? Weekend getaways are the perfect chance to channel our inner-fashionistas, but you won't be gone forever. Try to only choose clothing items you KNOW you'll wear, and choose pieces that allow for multiple outfit combinations. Packing light will also give you space to bring your new outfits from your day at the outlets or sidewalks shops home with you, safely. But just in case you need a LITTLE extra space, check out our favorite large weekender bag here -- The Grant!

  • Accessories are ESSENTIAL: Since you'll be packing light and focusing on your wardrobe essentials, a great way to turn heads is with new accessories! Items like jewelry + scarves take up less room, will make your life less chaotic this weekend AND still help you LOOK + FEEL great! These are a few of our favorite accessories this season!


  • Pack an Extra Set of Car Keys: Silly, we know! But in truth, weekend travelers make this mistake more often than you would think! The obvious place to keep your keys when traveling  is your handbag. But, handbags get lost and stolen and then... you're left stranded with a car you can't start. To prevent yourself from spending your vacation funds on a tow truck, stash away an extra set of keys in your weekender bag for safe keeping! Why not use a Leather Key Fob?

Need more packing + fashion tips for your next weekend getaway? Ready to select the perfect weekend getaway bag? Our latest Pinterest board can help! Just click here for more weekend getaway fun!


Blog by Kellie Gunderman | Photography by Abi Ray