5 Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

June 16, 2015

It’s summer vacation! Kids are splashing. Dogs are barking. Burgers are grilling. Fireworks are popping. Grass is growing. It’s a beautiful time of year and you think nothing could go wrong… until you realize Father’s Day has creeped up on you. That’s right, friends! We’re are only days away from celebrating those amazing men in our lives and the truth is: Most of us have still not found (or even started looking for) that perfect gift. But, don’t feel bad! It’s not our fault! Husbands and fathers just aren’t as skilled in the art of “dropping hints” as we ladies are.  Right?

There is nothing that can compare to the devotion, strength and courage these men have instilled in our children, and June 21st is our chance to say, “Thank you.” As avid supporters of American Made products, R. Riveter has compiled a list of our Favorite Father’s Day Things.  The best part: You can save even more precious time and skip the wrapping paper because everything below can be delivered right to dad inside of an R. Riveter Dopp Kit. All you need is the bow!

  1. Hand-Aid Healing Hand Balm by Little Seed Farm

This organic, herbal balm is the perfect solution to pampering hardworking hands.  Infused with coconut oil, comfrey, calendula, plaintain, oganic shea butter, hemp seed oil and essential oils, this perfect Father’s Day gift is Handmade in Tennessee.

  1. Beard Care by Aftcra

Beard Care is an oil used to condition, promote growth, nourish and moisturize the bearded men in our lives. The almond, rosemary, lemon and lavender pure essential oils in this product make it perfect for even the most sensitive skin. (Did we mention their tagline: Crafted By American Hands?)

  1. Organic Honey Roasted Coffee by Savannah Bee Company

Savannah Bee Company is located in… you guessed it! Beautiful Savannah, GA! They are known for their skincare products, but have you heard about their coffee? All dads suffer from “sweet tooth syndrome” every now and again, and a cup of these gently roasted beans in golden Savannah Bee Company honey is sure to BEEcome a Father’s Day tradition!

  1. C.S. Lewis Wisdom Phone Case by Melody Joy

Give the gift of inspiration with this slim, yet impact-resistant, outer shell for dad’s favorite device this Father’s Day! American graphic designer and photographer, Melody Joy, has so many great phone cases available that it’s difficult to choose just one! “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” –C.S. Lewis


  1. 3 Healthy Meals by HelloFresh

Ok. You got us on this one. Three healthy meals are definitely NOT going to fit into a Dopp Kit (at least not ones that will fill anyone’s belly), but a HelloFresh gift card will! This Father’s Day favorite is not only good for dad’s body, but it’s also good for the planet! Fresh American veggies, herbs and meat will be delivered to Dad’s doorstep in a HelloFresh box, along with simple recipes to create the perfect, healthy meal!