Made In the U.S.A. Baby Shower Gifts

June 06, 2016

Here at R. Riveter, we believe strongly in supporting the American Made movement AND taking care of our own. We achieve this by hand-crafting a product that comes to life in the hands of American Military Spouses, using American materials, and creating a supportive community for our Riveters. 

This month, we came together in celebration of one of life's greatest joys: Motherhood. Two of our very own Military Spouse Riveters are about to become mommies, and we were honored to shower these selfless women with love, encouragement, joy and much needed baby gifts as they prepare for their little bundles of joy!

"Having worked among so many creative Riveters has made my experience into becoming a new mother a celebration. They were among the first friends I told when I initially found out that my husband and I were pregnant. Each step and stumble since then has been met with sound advice on everything from what shoes to wear to what constitutes as being 'normal' in a pregnancy. Being away from the same family and friends I knew from birth thru college taught me to be a very independent person, but working among other military spouses taught me to trust in making friends and open up, even though we will only have a couple years together. Working for R.Riveter has been invaluable to me." - Sara W. | Remote Riveter + Future Mommy

Below are a few of our favorite American Made Baby Shower Gifts. Why American Made? Because the greatest gifts we can give our children, is a future where America prospers and can provide them all with the opportunities they deserve.



Why we love Bison Booties: Each pair is hand crafted in North Dakota, USA! 

Bison Booties is a woman-owned company committed to domestic production and environmental sustainability. You’ll see these commitments their manufacturing practices, their support of work-at-home moms, and in their use of organic fabrics and minimal, environmentally responsible packaging.




Why we love Carousel Designs: While other baby bedding companies began to slowly, but surely, send their production overseas, Carousel Designs resisted. 

Carousel Designs made their mark in the baby bedding business by creating the most gorgeous crib bedding collections from the highest quality fabrics. Whether you purchase one of their distinctive 100+ baby bedding collections, or get inspired and choose to design your own with their Nursery Designer, you'll receive a one-of-a-kind creation made with love and pride in the U.S.A.



Why we love Seven Acre Toys: Their company motto is “The best things on earth are made by nature. But of the things made by man, the best are made by hand.”

This is a completely different kind of toy company. They are a small family run business operating out of New Gloucester, Maine who turned their passion for toy making into a business. Seven Acre Toys is committed to creating wooden toys with 3 basic principles in mind: Safety, Design + Environment. 




Why we love Swaddle Designs: They are proud to be creating American jobs while they design and manufacture premium baby products in Seattle, WA.
Swaddle Designs is the creator of the Ultimate Swaddling Blanket. Instructions are sewn into the edge of the blanket, so that parents have an effective swaddling technique at their fingertips!  By helping parents master the art of swaddling, the Ultimate Swaddling Blanket is a great confidence builder for new parents. 



Why we love Smart Mom, LLC (Teething Bling)This is a truly unique company, staffed entirely by Moms!
Everything is created + managed in Maryland, USA. A lot of companies say they’re ‘family friendly,' but this company actually walks the walk. Their team members have flexible assignments that allow them to work around their family schedules... They even welcome children in the offices (you may hear crying babies in the background here, too!). 



Why we love Re-Play: Their plates, bowls, utensils, and cups are made out of recycled s milk jugs!

Re-Play's Children's tableware, including Divided Plates, No-Spill Cups, Bowls and Utensils are ALL recyclable -- even its PACKAGING can be thrown into the recycling bin! This company is on a mission to make the planet a better place for our children! 

 R. Riveter

Of course, no Baby Shower would be complete without family, friends + the ultimate diaper bag! The R. Riveter Signature Grant is our #1 choice for expecting moms because it can easily transition into a work, gym or everyday handbag as baby grows + less emergency care items are needed while on-the-go.